Facts & Curriculum

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a surge in demand for international education models with easier and fancier approaches of imparting knowledge. Several rampant experimental models without optimal research and development have left the Indian education system in a state of confusion and chaos.

Although newer teaching philosophies and methodologies have helped in making educationists more aware and informed, there has been a huge void in being able to implement and integrate such models in an effective way to suit the present Indian educational standards and needs.

What sets the Bodhi Valley methodology apart, is its successful and practical approach to ensure that the child’s interest is preserved through activities that encourage exploration and simultaneously create a desire in meaningful work by instilling a passion to aim for higher order thinking.

The Bcues curriculum which we follow at Bodhi valley is based on extensive research and development – a successful teaching model helping children become independent learners with minimal assistance.Our three-tier lesson planning is a one-stop solution to remediate and challenge differently abled learners in a classroom.

The Blue- print pedagogy model promises high-quality and rich learning experiences, with a well-researched curriculum ,equipped with an inventory of teacher-made resources and Teacher- training modules.