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Program Overview

The Philosophy of Bodhi Valley Learn it Academy is that young children are best served by teaching the curriculum practices that strengthen and support their intellectual growth and development. By initiating them into basic skills of learning will foster the proficiency in academic tasks and social competence.

Unique Features of Bodhi Valley Curriculum:

Bodhi Valley curriculum represents an eclectic approach to Early Childhood Education programming. The methodology followed is a blend of student-initiated and teacher-directed activities which ignite the interest in children to pursue their interest areas and progress at the individual level of instruction.

The program is designed to challenge the giftedness in children and support the slow learners with research-based techniques to create interest and make their learning experience more enjoyable.Creativity,problem- solving and self- directed learning are common threads woven through all areas of the curriculum. As a teacher-training and a research site,Bodhi Valley aims to model best practices,based on accepted learning theories in Early Childhood Gifted education.Best practices for children at Pre school age include a child-sensitive,individually focused curriculum with many opportunities for students to choose and develop their learning interests.Children will be working individually or in small groups most of the time with the teachers taking the role of guides or facilitators of learning which gives teachers an opportunity assess and address the strengths of each child and build on these strengths.

Program Outline

Activity time is highly valued in our curriculum.Appropriate play materials during activity time support and challenge their abilities by giving them a freedom of choice.

Learning is not a matter of Nature Vs Nurture; It is both.The human brain grows as a result of learning and experience.Learning changes the physical structure of the brain when a new skill or concept is learned.A brain connection (known as synapse) is formeď during the first five years amounting to which trillions upon trillions of synapses are formed in response of learning experiences.

We strongly believe that all children benefit from rich experiences in Early Childhood.The curriculum focuses on the skills that children are primed to learn during the preschool years.

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