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About Us

Few reasons for choosing us

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen English Language Study by researching and developing innovative techniques and learning resources to equip English Language Learners with quintessential skills required for school preparation.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to create one of the most effective schools in the state, helping our students from preschool through high school by imparting the best standards in English Language. We aim at promoting and strengthening English Language Learning, by bringing together culturally diverse community of students, parents and staff. We are dedicated to creating a peaceful environment to nurture the young minds.


About Us

Bodhi Valley Academy foundation in BCues methodology was laid by Malika Kancherla in 2008.She has Master’s Degree in English from Vanitha Mahavidyalaya,Bachelor’s Degree from St.Ann’s Degree college and a two-year Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Parkland Community College from Champaign,IL,USA. The course content in Early Childhood diploma covered Curriculum Planning for a Young Children,Child Psychology,Understanding Learning Difficulties. Her extensive volunteering and working experience in Montessori,Reggio Emilia Approach helped her to design an Early Childhood Curriculum called BCues with an Auditory-based spelling program at Bodhi Valley and other English courses offered at Bodhi Valley Learning Academy.


Her first internship was with Montessori Champaign-Urbana,USA.During this time,she has also been continually involved in volunteering at Creative Curriculum preschool programs,Science-based programs.

Being a homemaker and a mother of a toddler,she spent most of her time trying to teach her 3 year old researching,volunteering and finding ways to simplify classroom learning for early learners.Her first student was her own child who she homeschooled at the age of 3 and that gave more scope for the research and implementation which she passionately pursued as her Dream Project and carried as a seed to India.


Having exposed to the various methodologies in different philosophies gave her more understanding as to how an Early Childhood  curriculum should be planned and implemented.The courses she has done have given a lot of insights into curriculum planning and hands-on experience working with children with Learning difficulties and disabilities.


She moved to India in December,2008,with her brain-child – Bodhi Valley Learning Academy.The program started as a home-based learning center with Creative materials for children to help them with emergent reading skills.


The program that started as a seed,grew to be a vast research that helped children with learning difficulties,gifted children and slow learners.


The spelling program research is a continuous process but the basic program that covered different word patterns at beginning stages took about four years which involved introduction to basic phonetic sounds in English Language. Before children graduated to the next level of the words,the cues would be taken to assess and understand the difficulties involved in phonetic approach and further devise techniques in implementing the next level of words.This led to creating a heuristic-based research program that proved to be very effective.

Why Choose Bodhi Valley?

Bodhi Valley is a School preparatory program where the curriculum teaching practices involve child-sensitive ways to empower students and create a positive learning environment. The core curriculum is catered to each child, keeping their difficulties and abilities in mind. In our 12+ years of research and development we understood the different kind of learners in a classroom set up and we constantly try to focus on these areas where we challenge the Gifted Children and support Slow-Learners with the right amount of attention required to help the child become independent learner.

Why is Reading Important?

Reading is fundamental in developing self-image and it not only develops the mind but also enhances language and listening skills of a student. It boosts imagination and the creative side of a person. Reading opens new avenues into the world they still have not stepped into, giving them an understanding and strong foundation that is bound to make their academic journey more enjoyable.

What makes Language Learning Difficult?

English language learning at preschool level is not imparted to prepare children with skills required for reading and writing which is an integral part of curriculum-based learning :

  • Spelling  (orthographic system) is difficult and unpredictable.
  • 80% memorization,syllable techniques being used or visual learning; 20% phonemic awareness.
  • Instruction is not tailored to individual learner’s needs.
  • Poor classroom instruction techniques leading to children not being able to retain any instruction.
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Our program nurtures child-sensitive and individually focused curriculum with many opportunities for students to choose and develop their learning interests.