History Of Bodhivalley

In 2012, Malika Kancherla, a post-graduate in English with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, opened the first branch of Bodhi Valley Learning Academy-her brain-child that she carried as a seed to India.After 8 years of her stay in America, she moved back to India to put her research into practice.From 2008-2012,the program was a home-based learning center where she catered to more than 70 children.It is during this period,the research took shape into BCues curriculum that Bodhi Valley philosophy is based on.

The acceptance for a new philosophy took some time and her continual efforts in educating parents to bring about awareness in the area of reading and writing was a continuous process.Despite the hardships,the methodology was implemented with passion as investment and trust being  the foundation made it the success factor.The program right from its initial stages has received immense response as the curriculum covers the remedial teaching too.

The high-quality teaching and a vision to deliver curriculum practices that is continually evolving with improvised lesson plans made the program more welcoming.

Ranked as the only education-based early childhood program, Bodhi Valley has been partnering with parents,children and communities with the same trust since 2012.

The program is presently catering to 200+ children with three programs from 9:00-6:00.

Our goal is to provide innovative-teaching methods that our next generation deserves.