Quality Vs Quantity

We strongly believe in an organic and a sustainable quality of education.To achieve this objective, we strive to create a working model that lays a strong foundation to each center that we establish. Providing quality education is our motive and Bodhi valley being the pioneer in its unique methodology doubles our responsibility to maintain the quality education and grow each each year with quality than quantity.

School Ethics

Bodhi Valley philosophy is a community- based teaching environment where each relation surrounding the child is given importance. We strongly advocate human values along with fun-filled learning. Understanding our culture and instilling the respect in the child for culture is an integral part of our school community.

The staff and parents are expected to go on par with our ideology making way for a healthy environment for the child to blossom. Even though professionalism is given top priority, the staff is trained to act as mentors and guides during the times the child goes through emotional ups and downs.